Supply Chain Startup Report 2022

Supply Chain Startup Report 2022

Wednesday, Apr 13, 2022

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This report is an update from our last supply chain report in 2019. We removed 387 startups from our last list of supply chain companies (didn’t represent supply chain or was too old) and we added 598 new startups to our list (startups we missed before and some new).

We updated our report to not only highlight how all supply chain startups build a competitive product by function, feature or use case; but we also showcase how each category has changed/evolved. This report is color coded to reflect changes, see how to read this report at the bottom of the executive summary.

For those seeing this report for the first time, we attempted to map the entire supply chain startup ecosystem (1000+ logistic startups). We then filtered these startups into 10 categories and labeled the top startups per category. We then looked through every startup to understand how they innovate by function, feature and use case. Having both a macro and detailed view of the ecosystem allows us to predict disruption within the supply chain ecosystem.


By Kyle Kling