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Arise Conviction: Evolutionary Growth of Digital Opportunities

Monday, May 9, 2022

AriseConviction - The evolutionary growth of digital opportunities introduces a new era of Creator Economy. The emergence of newer social media platforms encouraged the cultural and generational shift, where being a creator is considered a viable and increasingly desired career. For the purpose of clarity, there are

Supply Chain Startup Report 2022

Wednesday, Apr 13, 2022

This report is an update from our last supply chain report in 2019. We removed 387 startups from our last list of supply chain companies (didn’t represent supply chain or was too old) and we added 598 new startups to our list (startups we missed before and some new).

Arise Conviction: The Bloom of Agriculture in Indonesia

Friday, Feb 18, 2022

The Bloom of Agriculture in Indonesia: Yielding Next Gen. Agri Conglomerate Leveraging Tech Orchestration Indonesia’s vast and abundant fertile soils make us a major global key producer of a wide variety of agricultural products, contributing to 13.45% of Indonesia’s GDP.

Arise Conviction: Indonesia Fishery Industry Revolution

Thursday, Jan 27, 2022

Indonesia is the largest archipelago country in the world. 70% of its territory is the sea which supports over 3,000 Bony fishes and more than 850 sharks, rays, and chimeras. The fisheries industry employs about 12 million Indonesians which are 2.7 Million of whom are independent fishermen.

Arise Conviction: B2B Marketplace Takes the Spotlight

Thursday, Oct 14, 2021

With the increasing digital adoption driven by the pandemic globally, the B2C Marketplace has been the one that benefits the most on the surface. But in Asia, it contributes to almost 80% of the Global B2B Transaction Sales, reaching up to US$ 6.1tn showing a significant untapped opportunity on the other side ...

Arise Conviction: From X2X to API Marketplace

Thursday, Aug 19, 2021

Multiple global catalysts have driven the adoption of open API architecture, gradually changed how stakeholders interact. A Similar trend is also emerging in South East Asia, taking the path of how conventional marketplace was adopted in the beginning and started the digital revolution in the region ...

Mobile Payments In Indonesia: Race to Big Data Domination

Monday, Mar 5, 2018

In today’s economy, digital disruption is the new normal as the Internet has virtually transformed every segment of the business world. From OTT to P2P, digital disruptors have found new ways of distributing media, information, goods, and even wealth.

Bits X Bricks

Wednesday, Aug 9, 2017

A Perspective on Indonesia's Startup Ecosystem. We were fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from our past experience in a venturing almost six years ahead of everybody. Clearly ‘spray’ model won’t work, especially in this part of the world.

Defining the Word “Disruptive” in Digital Tech Ecosystem

Tuesday, Jul 25, 2017

I ruminate that the word “disruptive” has been highly overused—at least in Indonesia’s tech ecosystem—reaching a level that I personally despise it as more and more people treat it like a raunchy catchphrase. (JA)