Bits X Bricks

Bits X Bricks

Wednesday, Aug 9, 2017

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Telkom Indonesia has made a firm commitment to support the development of Indonesia’s startup ecosystem and corporate innovation. Via MDI Ventures, our corporate venture arm, we have set out the vision to bring the best of the world’s innovations into our rapidly emerging markets and expand our border to lead corporate open innovation in Indonesia.

Historically, telecommunication industry has been disrupted by multiple waves of technological disruption over the course of its existence. Telegraphy, once considered as one of main revenue streams in the telco ecosystem, completely lost its relevance after the introduction of e-mail. Fixed line telephone, once the core business of telecommunication companies, will also be completely obsolete in the near future. Today, we are the leading mobile connectivity provider in the country. However, we cannot stay comfortable with status quo. Digital revolution is changing the world and we need to keep evolving to stay ahead.

We set ambitious targets for our corporate transformation initiatives. Telkom Indonesia aims to be the country’s leading digital player by actively building partnerships with both startups and established companies. We are also seeing that the adoption of internet results in diminishing national boundaries. Being a forward-looking digital telco company, we do not want to see this as a threat, but rather an opportunity to grow larger than ever. This is time for us to mobilize our resources and lead the transformation by making strategic investments in the Asia-Pacific region’s fastest growing digital companies.

MDI Ventures has been working to establish thought leadership in the field of open innovation. The firm had expanded beyond investment activities to support corporate partners in solving the toughest challenges of the information age.

We are pleased to present you with our industry report on the state of Indonesia’s startup ecosystem, “Bits by Bricks: Underlying Legacy Business as the Foundation for Digital Future”.

On the behalf of Telkom Indonesia, thank you very much for your attention, and we wish that you find this information useful.


Sincerely Yours,


David Bangun

Director Digital and Strategic Portfolio, Telkom Indonesia