Arise Conviction: Indonesia Fishery Industry Revolution

Arise Conviction: Indonesia Fishery Industry Revolution

Thursday, Jan 27, 2022

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Indonesia is the largest archipelago country in the world. 70% of its territory is the sea which supports over 3,000 Bony fishes and more than 850 sharks, rays, and chimeras. The fisheries industry employs about 12 million Indonesians which are 2.7 Million of whom are independent fishermen.

If we look deeper into the overall sea production outputs, the industry can categorize into three big segments:

  • Shrimp: 1.38 MT (37%) - US$7.03 Bn (77%)
  • Fish: 1.26 MT (34%) - US$2 bn (22%)
  • Algae: 107 MT (29%) - US$0.16 Bn (1%)

As we can see, despite the similar volume, Shrimp represent a significantly higher $$$ proportion due to its nature of high-value products. However, Classic challenges in the multi-layer value chain, low productivity, and lack of financing hinder the archipelago Shrimp industry's $$$ Multi-Billion Dollar untapped potentials.

Thus, a tech-enabled solution that can immerse into farmers' culture and infrastructure will be a great fit. It will result in higher FCR (Feed Conversion Ratio), SR (Survival Rate), and Harvest, making it a killer flywheel for #Shrimp Farmers which is where Arise #AriseConviction will be to support MDI Ventures and other Major VCs investments in the other fishery category.

What do you think are other solutions needed by the #Shrimp #Fishermen?