Arise Conviction: Evolutionary Growth of Digital Opportunities

Arise Conviction: Evolutionary Growth of Digital Opportunities

Monday, May 9, 2022

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AriseConviction - The Evolutionary Growth of Digital Opportunities Introduces a New Era of Creator Economy.

The emergence of newer social media platforms encouraged the cultural and generational shift, where being a #creator is considered a viable and increasingly desired career.

For the purpose of clarity, there are 3 different kinds of creators:

  • The Influencer - people with respected perspectives to influence
  • The Teacher - or educators, are people engaged in teaching materials
  • The Artist - or creators of stories, artwork, NFTs, etc

Indonesia’s creator economy is estimated to be valued at USD 9.15 billion in 2021 with a 72.9% growth rate compared to 2020. However, challenges for creators around financing, operations, and monetization still remains. Comparing it to the U.S market, there is still untapped potential of 81.65%.

There is still room for innovative solutions in this industry to optimize and amplify existing creators in terms of financials, operational efficiencies, and monetizations. These solutions can also be very niche to different types of creator categories (beauty, gamers, educators, etc.)

What type of solutions do you think can empower and amplify the creator economy in Indonesia?