Arise Conviction: B2B Marketplace Takes the Spotlight

Arise Conviction: B2B Marketplace Takes the Spotlight

Thursday, Oct 14, 2021

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With the increasing digital adoption driven by the pandemic globally, the B2C Marketplace has been the one that benefits the most on the surface. But in Asia, it contributes to almost 80% of the Global B2B Transaction Sales, reaching up to US$ 6.1tn showing a significant untapped opportunity on the other side of the coin, which caught our attention in Arise.

Unlike B2C Marketplace, generalist B2C Marketplace encounters significant limits due to the different nature of the industries - requiring a tailored and specialized approach. A Similar trend is also emerging in South East Asia, taking a different path of how B2C Marketplace playbook. Instead of "a winner take all" to "various winners in every vertical" such as:

  • Agriculture Inputs
  • F&B Retail
  • Consumer Goods
  • Construction Supplies
  • Manufacture
  • Office Supplies
  • etc

Echoed by emerging leaders in B2B Marketplace that already got backing from MDI Ventures and Other Major VCs. Leaving Agriculture inputs, Construction Supplies and Manufacture remain, this is where #AriseConviction developed by our very own Nathasya Budidjaja Mika A. will be for the next race to reshape the next-billion digital users.

What other use cases that you think are still untapped within the #B2B?