Fajrin Rasyid
President Commissioner

Currently work as Direktur Digital Business at Telkom. Previously worked as Co-founder and President at Bukalapak.com, one of the biggest Indonesian e-commerce platforms that want to provide fair economy for everyone through technology. Have worked as Boston Consulting Group (BCG) consultant with wide experience across major industries including public services, financial service, IT, automotive, retail, and FMCG. Supported by strong analytical skills from IT and mathematics background from one of the best undergraduate institutions in Indonesia.

Specialties include startup entrepreneurship, digital economy, e-commerce and related industries (payments, logistics, etc.), product management, management consulting, business strategy and analysis, business process, financial modeling and analysis, project management. 

He is appointed as President Commissioner of MDI since 2020 and prior to that, he was responsible for overseeing investment decision in MDI as Investment Committee.