TaniHub is offering a complete end-to-end solution for agriculture — stretches from the pre-cultivation on the upstream side to the multi-type of customers on the downstream. By utilizing the fulfillment network TaniHub is building, they are able to create tangible efficiency in the business. Solving the high price gap from farmers to buyers (up to 2,900%), the network can be used to optimize up to 40% of the logistics costs.

Tanihub group along with TaniHub, TaniFund, and TaniSupply creates a seamless agricultural ecosystem. Starting from TaniFund, farmers are able to get funding through their P2P lending platform. The goods produced by the farmers will be sold on TaniHub’s marketplace. TaniSupply is the one managing the distribution of the goods from the farmers to the end consumers (using third-party logistic services such as Shipper, Gojek, etc.