PPC Performance Marketing Platform

Kofera is a machine-learning software that can automate a company’s digital ads to reach its maximum impact. It mines data from a company’s website and create a mockup of the ads based on the wording and information from it and post the ad online. It can also track its effectivity of the ad, and it can also change and re-optimize the ads to another configuration.

Kofera product can be used by any types of companies which doesn’t require Kofera to specialize for specific type of business. Its nature is also “plug and play,” which means customers can just integrate Kofera and it can be ready to be used. At it’s core, they optimize spending of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and improve ROAS (Return On Advertising Spending).

Marketers can use a rule-based KPI to optimize advertisement. This will help create a programmable marketing control in digital ads. It can also change its ads when there’s a change in the product’s description. Kofera’s business model is very unique. 

They charged 3% of the client’s marketing budget with its minimum rate of $99/month subscription service. This provides relatively the same price to all customers depending on how huge the e-commerce is.