Advancing Healthcare in Asia's Emerging Markets

mClinica is a cloud-based platform that connects pharmacies on a common mobile technology platform.  This allows pharmaceutical companies, distributors, governments & NGOs to reach pharmacies and their patients at scale.  By connecting these pharmacies, public and private sector healthcare stakeholders can efficiently run pharmacy and patient programs such as discounts to patients and health education management.  They can also obtain never-before available data on market trends, product sales and patient behavior.

As part of its expansion, mClinica has also grown to serve health insurers.  Combining its proprietary data and analytics with insurers own data, mClinica has been able to provide cost savings for insurers.  Its IFPS (Insurance Fraud and Protection Services) product identifies possible cases of fraud and flags them before payout generating savings for insurers.  This shows the power of mClinica’s core data and platforms across all health care stakeholders.