Dec 27, 2017

Digital Synergy Champion

Since 2016, we’ve been busy working to validate our thesis: synergy-and-collaboration. We know it’s going to be hard, and in most cases, synergy-and-collaboration has been used as ‘just jargon’ inside corporate meeting room.

And for this our dedicated synergy team had worked real hard to bring an old fashioned hard evidence to the table: “synergy money.”

As most of our portfolio have multiple market footprints in different regions of the world, we created a network of unique collaborative relationship between our portfolio and Telkom Group.

Our approach to corporate-startup collaboration becomes a standard to the practice as we’ve successfully built significant value within our group to drive the overall value.

In 2017, the total synergy money exceeds the north of $20 Mn in just a year. (Yes, that’s real new revenue money to our portfolio and Telkom Group via new business initiatives)

We are looking forward to build more collaboration with our newest addition of portfolio in 2018.