May 20, 2017

Strategic Partnerships Highlights

MDI Ventures aims to forge partnership with leading tech companies across various verticals, combining efforts to work on the same mission: to catalyze the growth beyond their respective home markets.

In short, we’ve brought scale through our strong customer base and infrastructure to drive substantial values for startups.

Portfolio Day

We’re committed in building relationships between startups and our parent company with its subsidiaries. Portfolio Day is one of our manifestations in bringing both parties to the table. It is a one day workshop without distractions (no media, no press release, etc.), matchmaking our 11 startups with 14 Telkom subsidiaries, Finnet, TelkomSigma, Infomedia, Admedika, Telkomedika, ILCS, PINS, MDM, Metraplasa, Metranet, Melon, Telkomtelstra, Metrasat and Patrakom.