Chat SDK for Mobile Apps and Websites

Qiscus is a business-to-business (B2B) technology company that helps businesses enable conversation in any applications. The company was founded in Singapore in 2013 and soon after established itself in Indonesia in 2014. In early 2017, Qiscus revamped and rebranded itself to become a B2B enterprise which; helps businesses to reach out to more customers via chat, voice and video calls; changes the lives of customers by bringing the services to their mobile phones; and helps developers to leverage on Qiscus’ technology to help their customers expand their businesses.

Qiscus’ product is basically chat SDK (Software Development Kit). It is a complete toolkit for developers to embed chat feature on web or mobile applications. Qiscus also provides end-to-end solutions for businesses without any technical resources. Qiscus stand on their value to their beloved clients which is customizable, extendable, flexible, and local.